Pathogen Theme:

Predicting persistence and clinical expression of S.aureus infections using molecular characterization

Confirm that the identification of virulence genes and biofilm production of current strains of S. aureus is a good predictive tool to estimate duration and expression of these strains. Encourage the use of this diagnostic method before treating or culling cows.


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Research Team:

  • Sébastien Pichette-Jolette (MSc candidate, USherbrooke)
  • Abdelhamid Asli (undergraduate student, USherbrooke)
  • Jean-Philippe Roy (Principal Investigator, UMontréal)
    Not in photo:
  • François Malouin (collaborator, USherbrooke)
  • Greg Keefe (collaborator, UPEI)
Scientific publications
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Demystify pathogens to implement the best curative and preventive practices against mastitis and develop technologies to control the disease.

• Characterization of pathogen virulence
• Validation of diagnostic methods
• Innovative treatments

Pathogen virulence characterization.

Diagnostic method validation

Innovative treatment development

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Mastitis Pathogen Culture Collection

A collection of 16,000 microbial isolates

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